Ripa & Ripa was created by two friends, Oliviero and Anna Laura, in spring of 2015 on the Ripa di Porta Ticinese canal in Milan.
They both shared the idea that it was hard to find stylish swim shorts. They were either too tight or too loose, too long or too short and the fabric often looked and felt too synthetic.
So with a suitcase filled with different swimsuits they drove around Italy to look for a manufacturer that could achieve the vision of making men’s swimwear beautiful and elegant. 

In a small town near Naples, they found a small atelier with decades of experience in producing for Italian luxury brands. Together with a team of tailors, they worked on redesigning the classic swimsuit to achieve the perfect cut and with a specialised producer they created a brushed fabric that is quick drying but feels like cotton. The drawstring was sourced from a local nautical rope manufacturer to recall the retro aesthetics of vintage sailing boats.
Inspired by the vibrant colours and patterns of the Mediterranean, Ripa & Ripa embodies the essence of the Italian summer.
The collection is now sold online and through exclusive boutiques around Europe.