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February 25, 2015


We believe in quality over quantity and the return to owning one great, well-made product rather than many standardised and mass-produced goods. We conceived our swimsuits to look just as good when they're worn and used, as they are when they're new. For this reason, we decided to have our swimsuits made by an artisanal atelier in Borgosesia, a small town in Northern Italy with a secular tradition of manufacturing luxury Italian clothing.


1. Brushed Fabric and Cord

Tying-cord made from braided nautical rope in unbleached cotton

Quality swimwear fabrics are rare to go by, because synthetic fibres often have a plastic touch whilst cotton absorbs and retains moisture. We had a hard time sourcing high quality suppliers and go very proud of our finding. We came across a mill that produces quick-drying synthetic fabric, that is ring-spun and brushed, making it both soft and look and feel like cotton. The raw weave is then dyed and printed with our exclusive designs.

For the tying-cord, we chose a nautical rope manufacturer that specialises in the production of traditional sailing boat cording. The drawstring is made from unbleached cotton that is double braided to reduce water absorption and weaved tightly to withstand the wear and tear of the sea. It recalls the old ropes used on vintage wooden sailing boats and also looks great.

2. Patterns and Prints

The prints are designed for us by different artists that draw inspiration from the colours and patterns of the Mediterranean and work with us to create our exclusive seasonal prints.

3. The Cut

Together with our tailor in Piemonte, we worked on redesigning the classic swim short to get the perfect cut. Many swim shorts look awkward because of what we call the “parachute effect”; the short becomes wider towards the leg opening, giving it a droopy pear shape. By increasing the inseam and slightly reducing the leg circumference, we gave our swim short a straight and elegant fit.  

4. The Details

Many details in the construction may pass unnoticed, but we spent so much time conceiving every aspect of the swimshort that we couldn't fall short of perfecting even the smallest details. The atelier that cuts and sews our swimsuits also tailors bespoke suits and applies the same sartorial details in the construction of the swimshorts. The border of the side pockets are finished with a very fine hem - where the edge of the cloth is folded narrowly around a thin string with blind-stitching - giving it a clean, refined look. All of the fabric edges in the construction are folded and sewed before the assembly, so that the rough borders of the cut cloth never appear on the inside of the swimsuit. 


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